VAK Inventory

Would you like to be understood more often? One way to gain rapport with another person is to calibrate your languange patterns to thiers. One aspect of language patterns is the human preference for one of three senses: touch(K), sight(V), and sound(A). This test will give an estimate of a person's preferences for the Visual, Auditory, or Kinesthetic. If you know your prefrences, then you will know when you need to change your regular pattern to match theirs. You can then gain rapport with another person.

Biotest is currently doing research into the prevalence of sensory prefrences in different job positions. To help us out, please indicate your gender and job position in the bottom part of the form with an e-mail address. I will e-mail you back a report on your preference and include a link to an exclusive e-book on a rapid method of determining these preferences as a thank you gift.


Please answer each of the questions below, then press the submit button to recieve your results:

1) If only three tables are left at a beachside restaurant, I’ll choose the table that offers
a. A view of the ocean, even if its noisy
b. Sounds of the ocean but no view
c. A cushy booth

2) When I have a problem
a. I look for alternatives
b. I talk about the problem
c. I rearrange the details

3)I want my work area to
a. Look good
b. Be full of productive sounds
c. Feel comfortable or secure

4) When I decribe a seminar I’ve just attended, I first
a. Describe how it looked
b. Tell people how it sounded
c. Convey the feeling

5) In my spare time, I most enjoy
a. Watching TV or going to the movies
b. Reading or listening to music
c. Doing something physical (crafts/gardening) or playing a sport

6) When I trying to convey "I understand" I most likely to say:
a. I see
b. I hear you
c. I can handle that

7) Of the following activities, I spend most time indulging in
a. Daydreaming
b. Listening to my thoughts
c. Picking up on my feelings

8) When someone is trying to convince me of something
a. I want to see evidence or proof
b. I talk myself through it
c. I trust my intuition

9) I usually speak and think
a. Quickly
b. Moderately
c. Slowly

10) I normally breathe from
a. High in the chest
b. Low in the chest
c. My belly

11) When finding my way around an unfamiliar city
a. I use a map
b. I ask for directions
c. I trust my intuition

12) When I choose clothes it is most important to me that
a. I look immaculate
b. I make a personal statement about my personality
c. I feel comfortable

13) When I choose a restaurant, my main concern is that
a. I look impressive
b. I can hear myself talk
c. I will be comfortable

14) If I try to remember something I tend to look
a. up
b. sideways
c. down

Thank you for participating in the inventory. Please answer the following questions:
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I would like to be on the compliance control mailing list, which should be a notice every other month or so.  This list will not be distrubted to anyone else, or anything else unethical will be done with it.

I would also appreciate you mailing any results you get to Biotest Services in order to continue our research. As a thank-you gift, I'll even send you a book on eye accessing cues, another technique which works better than a document like this when you are in the middle of an inspection. Let me know if you are intereted in being on a mailing list I'm compling as well.