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Kosher and Faith-Based  Resources for Public Health Regulators and Food Safety

NEHA  AEC 2006 Presentation

NOW available on DVD!  
This presentation  was recorded at NEHA  AEC 2006 in San Antonio.  To order the DVD from NEHA  or for more information click here

Handout in Adobe Acrobat format

Jewish Calendar for 2006-2008 

Update: For 2006, Dr. Pepper is currently kosher by CRC.  To see the kosher certificates, click here

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Major Certifying Agencies with Kosher information

O-U  kosher certification website
Circle-K (OK) kosher certification website
CRC (Midwest/Texas)  kosher certification
Star-K kosher certification
Star-K on line kosher classes
Hechshers (certification marks) for most certifiers from the CRC website
Hechshers identification from
History of Kosher Food from

Holiday Schedules

2005-6 Holiday schedule from
Hebrew calendar from

Links - Islamic - Halal restaurant finder and information - Canada based Halal information - Finder and Information

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