Quiz # 2 the Employee Quiz.

1)Not washing hands after using the restroom is an example of

a) Quality Assurance

b) Good customer service

c) Cross contamination


2) If there is spoiled food, what should you do?

a) Taste it to see if okay

b) Throw it out

c) Use it for employee meals

d) Give it to charity

3) The temperature to store a rib eye steak in the refrigerator is

a) 75°F

b) 50°F

c) 47°F

d) 40°F

4) You have a container of raw chicken breasts and a container of blue cheese dressing. The best way to store these is

a) Chicken on top shelf, blue cheese underneath

b) Blue cheese on upper shelf chicken on lower shelf

c) Next to each other on same shelf

d) Blue cheese container sitting inside chicken container

5) All products in storage must be properly labeled with

a) Date, contents, time

b) Contents only

c) Date, weight, container size

d) The chef's name

6) Where does the ice scoop belong?

a) In the ice bin

b) On top of the ice machine

c) In the ice scoop holder

d) Just use a glass

7) The lowest cooking temperature for a turkey is

a) 140°F

b) 155°F

c) 165°F

d) 180°F

8) The lowest cooking temperature for meatballs is

a) 140°F

b) 155°F

c) 165°F

d) 180°F

9) The lowest cooking temperature for steak is

a) 145°F

b) 155°F

c) 165°F

d) 180°F

10) The lowest cooking temperature of salmon is

a) 140°F

b) 155°F

c) 165°F

d) 180°F

11) Which of the following is critical when handling an allergy ingredient question from a customer?

a) Guess at the ingredients

b) Check the menu

c) Tell a Chef

d) Ask a server

12) What is the lowest temperature food can be in a steam table

a) 140°F

b) 155°F

c) 165°F

d) 180°F

13) When hot holding soup during slow service, it is important to

a) Taste the soup

b) Remove the ladle to wash it

c) Pre portion the soup for faster service

d) Cover the soup

14) When should you not come to work.

a) Vomiting and diarrhea

b) A papercut

c) A headache

d) Cub's home opener

15) Which of the following is cleaned after every use

a) The toilets

b) The Ice machine

c) The manager's Harley

d) Food contact surfaces, such as plates

16) When handwashing, how long should you rub your hands together

a) 20 seconds

b) 10 seconds

c) 1 minute

d) 2 minutes

17) What should you not do anywhere but the dining room

a) Drink with a lid and straw on the cup

b) Clean cutting boards with sanitizer

c) Eat food

d) Cut raw chicken

18) When washing hands you must

a) Use soap and dry with a paer towel

b) Use just water and dry with a paper towel

c) Use just water and wipe your hands on a an apron

d) Use soap and dry your hands on your apron.

19) After cutting raw chicken, what should you do?

a) Pick your nose

b) Make Caesar salad

c) Wash your hands

d) Slice bread

20) We must keep foods out of the temperature range of

a) 50°-70°F

b) 40°-140°F

c) 45°-180°F

d) 90°-110°F