Food Codes and other Government   Links

Biotest is committed to providing the best information to both regulatory officials and the food industry.  It is one of our goals to increase communication between all stakeholder in food safety. We therefore present our regulatory page of resources for easy access to codes. If you would like a free link to your food code, food safety information, web published inspections or health department web site, contact our site administrator. Please note we are not responsible for content for web sites linked to on this page.

State Department of Health Links

IDPH Division of Food Drugs and Dairies

FDD Home Page

State of Illinois Food Code

Certificate holder information sheet (re-certification information)

IDPH Certificate  Request form 

FSSMC Manager Certification Sheet (1st time certifying)

Local and County Links

City of Chicago Food and Dairy Division

 Home Page 

City Of Chicago Food Regulations in Adobe Acrobat  format

City of Chicago Food`Codes in Adobe Acrobat format

Chicago Web-based Inspection Reporting system

Federal Links

U.S. Food  and Drug Administration

Center for Food Safety and Nutrition

2005 Model Food Code

FDA 'Bad Bug Book'-  Information on virtually all  known food borne illnesses 

Good Manufacturing Practices (21 CFR 110)

U.S. Centers for Disease Control

Home Page

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Industry and Academic Sites

The International Food Safety NetworkA compendium of information, press clippings and other stuff about food safety out of Kansas State University.

Barf blog Musings form iFSN's staff mebers, celebrity food illnesses and other interesting not so technical stuff