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Biotest Training and On site Seminars: A Total Training Solution


On-site Training Seminars

Employee training is one of the best ways to get important results in your organization. Whether it is Better food handling behaviors, higher compliance with local food codes, improved productivity,  or better customer relations Biotest Services can deliver with high-quality, high-impact, and high interest on-site training.

Biotest on-site training is the perfect solution for training five or five hundred in good retail practices to keep the food supply safe. It's affordable, needing a short time at your office or facility; it's customizable, as we design the training and training materials to fit your situation and objectives, producing immediate, measurable results. It's the same quality and entertaining training thousands of food service managers, regulatory officials, and manufacturing supervisors have chosen for their food safety manager certificate training for over fifteen years.

If you are looking to have  an expert to keynote your next meeting, train several people at once, or  looking for an alternative to sending employees off-site and saving expensive time and travel costs, consider Some of Biotest Services  previous course offerings for on-site seminars and lectures:  


  • Allergens from A to Z 
  • The Love Boat of Doom: Noroviruses on Cruise Ships
  • The First Sanitarians: Kashrut and Ancient Food Codes
  • Harry Potter Has Nothing On Us: Using Magic As A Model For Behavioral Change In EH.
  • Giving Presentations with Impact!
  • Food Safety While Standing On One Leg: The Basics.
  • HACCP and AMC Recordkeeping
  • How to Lie With HACCP: Why We Verify


We can also lecture readily on any of the following topics: 

  • Food Safety and regulations
  • Ethnic, cultural and faith-based food issues
  • Creating Compliance and Customer Service through Rapport
  • Culinary and operational aspects of food service and its relation to food codes
  • Workforce Education
  • Food Safety Microbiology and outbreak case studies.


If you have interest in any of these or other topics, you can contact us at


On-site Employee Training

Biotest can help train your staff to be more aware of food safety issues leading to greater compliance and safer food. Lecture topics may include 

  • The importance of handwashing
  • Receiving goods,
  • Basic food safety
  • Basic record keeping
  • Cooking temperatures
  • Thermometer use
  • Front of house food safety

 Plus other fundamental aspects of safe food preparation. They are designed to be simple to understand and interesting, yet effectively communicate the importance of proper sanitary procedures.


Consumer Training: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Foodborne outbreaks are in the media frequently, often blaming the food industry for poor practices.  Change the impression of potential consumers by using a Biotest Services’ training session for consumers to learn about food safety in their own kitchen. Using a variety of training, product placement and behavioral methodologies, Biotest will assist you with branding your product, organization, or food facility as the one concerned about the safety of the consumer.  


Instructional Design

For those organizations who will be doing their own training  but have the need for high impact, easy to use and effective training materials, Biotest is your solution. Biotest Services has produced employee and management training materials for many organizations including child play centers, department stores, fine dining, and manufacturing. Biotest can analyze the optimum performance versus current performance of your facility and identify possible training solutions that can be made part of employee orientation or continuing learning workshops.  Customized instructional materials can be designed to meet current training needs of employees and management.  Our experience in both low literacy and ESL environments facilitate learning for the majority of workers in food facilities.



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