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About us
The Internal
 Health Department

Biotest Services is dedicated to consulting with our clients as their internal, confidential health department to maximize food safety practices and processes within organizations. Through a variety of workplace solutions based on good regulatory practices, we become our clients’ internal health department, protecting the public health from both accidental and malicious dangers in food sources and facilities.
The Inspection Solution
The core of Biotest’s solutions is the inspection solution, based on the time-tested methods and standards of  the 44- item report used by regulatory officials nationwide. Using the criteria of local jurisdictions and the current FDA Model Food Code, Biotest does a complete on-site inspection on a regular basis. These inspections provides management and supervisory personnel with another set of trained and objective eyes to determine possible food safety and  security issues in addition to areas of non-compliance for all respective regulations and jurisdictions.

The Custom Audit Solution
For large scale food service and manufacturing facilities, Biotest also offers the audit solution. Biotest will create a custom audit system for the client. We first identify process and  physical areas in the  facility using HACCP and GMP information,  then establish pass/fail  parameters for each item of the  audit. Each item is scored as to its likelihood to cause a hazard, and both complete facility scores and process area scores are computed  during each audit to help management address  specific process area or work group issues.

Electronic Inspections and Reporting
Biotest utilizes a proprietary electronic inspection system for rapid and professional results. Inspectors can print on-site reports or send via Internet inspection reports to the critical decision-makers.  

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